New Video Release

Check out the video describing the updated crop insurance for winter wheat

Produced by Saskatchewan Crop Insurance the video highlights the seeding
date extension for winter cereals and features Wade Gray, a SWCDC director.

SCIC develops program to help producers alleviate risk. SWCDC worked with SK
Crop Insurance to extend that insurance coverage.


Grower Guide

Seed Distributors & Growers

Winter Cereal Seed Distributors/Growers*

Winter CerealSeed DistributorVarietySeed Grower (if available)
Winter Wheat
Canadian Western Red Winter CanterraCDC Chase
FP GeneticsAAC GoldrushAAC Goldrush
·         McDougall Acres Ltd
SeCan MembersCDC ButeoAAC Wildfire
AAC Elevate·         Watson Seeds Ltd
Moats·         Fraser Farms Ltd
AAC Wildfire·         Ferndale Farms Ltd
Seed DepotAAC Gateway
SeedNet IncAAC Network
Canadian Western ExperimentalFP GeneticsAAC Icefield
Canadian Western Special PurposeSeCan MembersCDC Falcon
Mastin SeedsPintail
Fall Rye
Open PollinatedSeCan MembersHazletHazlet
Prima·         Hickseed Grains
FP GeneticsDanko
HybridFP GeneticsBrasetto
KWS Bono
KWS Gatano
KWS Trebiano
SeedNet IncKWS Daniello
KWS Serafino
Progressive SeedsPika
Corns Brothers FarmLuoma
Haney Farm LtdMetzger

*Source: Interactive SaskSeed Guide, Saskatchewan Seed Growers Association (